A passenger in Ireland buys plane ticket only to find baggage


For the aviation business, the busy travel season can become chaotic, and a staffing shortage only makes things worse. The same problem is currently plaguing Dublin aviation. In the middle of this, airline delays and a staffing shortage have caused a number of issues, including delays in luggage return.

A traveller in Ireland who experienced a delay in receiving his luggage made the decision to handle the situation himself rather than relying on the airline. Dermot Lennon, an Irishman, returned to Dublin on June 28 after travelling from Brisbane, Australia. But because of a hold-up at the baggage claim desk in the Dublin Airport terminal, he was forced to leave without his bags.

He patiently waited for a week for the airport staff to answer, and on July 4 he tried to collect his bags but was unsuccessful. According to reports, just a small number of persons were permitted entry into the restricted area, and several security checks merely served to slow down the procedure.

When nothing worked, Lennon decided to buy a plane ticket so he could go directly from departures to baggage to receive his luggage. As reported by a news channel, the Irishman stated, “I went onto the website, and I got the cheapest ticket I could”. Seemingly, it was an 18 euros ticket to Glasgow, Scotland.

On July 5, after having a difficult time traversing the airport, he was able to retrieve his luggage. Lennon was startled to arrive at the baggage claim area and find the tumultuous scene in front of him. The Irishman reported that the area was covered in thousands of bags, some of which were even marked with dates from the previous month. Before he found his baggage, Lennon spent roughly 20 minutes searching the area.

The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) has, however, released a formal statement on the subject in which they clarify that they are not responsible for managing any airline’s luggage. “Passengers’ airlines or their third-party ground handling agents are responsible for the resourcing of check-in, bag drop, and baggage delivery.” the aviation centre representative stated.