A new guest is coming to our family after 20 long years!

Arjun Sarja about Junior Cheeru

Meghnaraj gave birth to a baby boy last day. Like Meghna and her family, the fans were waiting for Meghna to give birth. The news that the actress has given birth to a beautiful baby boy has made the fans happy. Meghna gave birth to the baby at Akshara Hospital last day. The whole family was at the hospital to see Little Chiru. Now, actor Arjun Sarja has come to see Meghna and her baby.

Meghna Raj blessed with a baby boy

Chiranjeevi Sarja and Dhruv Sarja are the children of Arjun’s sister. Chiranjeevi passed away on June 7 following a heart attack. ’20 years later a baby guest came to our family. Everyone in the family said it felt like Chiru had been reborn. Everyone was equally saddened by Chiru’s demise. Nowadays everyone has a glow on their face. Chiru is back now. That happiness is on everyone’s face ‘.- The actor shared the joy of seeing Chiru’s son.

Meghna Raj Delivery

Meghna was four months pregnant when Chiranjeevi died. The baby is now born on the engagement anniversary of Meghna and Chiranjeevi. Meghana, in her meeting with Bangalore Times, had stated, “We’d arranged a ton of inventive approaches to tell the fans. Some way or another, God made the news turn out in the most startlingly remarkable manner. I generally used to tell Chiru, we are consistently more grounded together. I’d reveal to him Chiru and Meghana together is the thing that made our quality, particularly in the frail snapshots of our excursion. He used to disclose to me not a solitary day would he disregard me.” The family, companions, and fans are celebrating that Chiru stayed faithful to his commitment and is close by as their young one. Meghana had additionally said that she will raise the kid with similar beliefs that Chiru had, which caused the fans to interface with him so beyond a reasonable doubt.

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