A musical dedication to Malayalees by Vineeth Sreenivasan

The music album prepared by the OK Malayalees group, a group of Malayalees on Facebook, is gaining attention. This song is Sung by Vineeth Sreenivasan.OKM was formed by a group of Malayalees from all over the world.The group reaches out to more members through the group OK Malayalees on Facebook. After that, OKM MUSIC formed, a group of members who wrote the lyrics and composed the music for the song. The album was released on social media on October 8 by film personalities working in various fields of Malayalam cinema. 

OK Malayalees


Written by Sreekumar Sasidharan, Arun Gopinath, Jomit Gopal, Music by Sreekumar Sasidharan, Jeans Gopinath, Programming by Jins Gopinath, Flute by Rajesh Cherthala , Rhythm by Sandeep N. Venkitesh, Keyboard by Manu Ephraim, Mixing by Sreejith Edavana, Adelene. Studio are Bibee Audio Lab, SA Studio, Krishna Digi Design.