A key change in the comedy show Jabardhast with Roja …!

The Jabardast comedy show on the TV screen of Telugu Loggila has no other show. This Qatarnak comedy show has gained immense popularity among the public. The show has introduced many comedians to Telugu industry. It has given a new life to many young actors. Jagadabast Jagadastast Show as a Resident. Three to four teams were taken to Ji Telugu for the show. But it is noteworthy that the ratings did not downgrade the show.

Recently, Roja advised Jabardasth team to appoint Kosanamurali as a permanent judge. Mallemala Team Members .. Nagababu Place To Posani Krishnamurali Permanent With The Decision To Permanent. Posani Krishnamurali is also a leader of the Roja YCP party. It is rumored that Roja is sitting in this seat as the Permanent Judge of his party’s YSP’s Posani Krishnamuruli for the Jabardast Show.