A five year old girl who was sleeping at home was found murdered

Five-year-old girl killed in Assam Police arrested the witch on suspicion of human sacrifice.

The incident happened Monday night in the Charido district. The girl was abducted by unidentified assailants while she was sleeping at her tea house. The youngest of five children was abducted by unknown individuals. The body was found during a police investigation into a complaint lodged by the elder sister.

The body was found in the Siglu River. Police have recovered items believed to have been used for witchcraft from the river bank. Police found items used for witchcraft, including ashes.The initial conclusion of the police was that human sacrifice had taken place. The body was sent for postmortem. Police say a witch has been arrested in connection with the incident and a search has been launched for the main culprit. Police questioned those including the child’s parents. Ten people, including the boy’s father, were taken into custody, police said.