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A Colorful Casino set to be made for Mahesh Babu’s Sarkaru Vaari Paata

Most awaited announcement on Sarkaru Vaari Paata was made by Mahesh Babu yesterday on the occasion of his Father’s Birthday. Anyhow, there is much more time before the unit starts the shooting process.

Meanwhile, the crew is making plans to design a grand and colourful casino set for several important scenes. To be shot. As the story goes, the heroine in Sarkaru is the daughter of villain in the movie and she will be crazy about casinos. Director Parasuram has written many scenes featuring the Mahesh and heroine in the casino. As it is impossible in reality to fly to casinos in Las Vegas, Colombo or even Goa in the present situation of the world. it will be difficult for Sarkaru team to shoot for more number imof days at any Goan casino, as there will be more craze for gambling when government permits to open casinos.

In this scenario, the unit is planning to book a floor at Ramoji Film City for the casino set. This will not only be cost-effective but it will also be safe to shoot with precautions and limited crew.

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