A character who seems to give one when seen, Alexander Prashant says when Basheer and Java hit

Alexander Prasanth

The last few days have had a face full of memes and trolls. The actor is actor Alexander Prashant. The movie ‘Operation Java’ directed by Tarun Murthy became a hit on the OT platform as well. In the film, the character of Basheer, a cyber cell employee who plays Prashant and carries a flawless professional ego, was much discussed. Many commented that it did not seem to take Bashir out of his face when he saw him scratching at what he wanted and what he did not want. The same opinion was turned into a troll on social media by Prashant’s other characters. Although he started his career as a presenter, Prashant was cast in the role of a planet that was not interested in film and acting. Although he has been in cinema for the last nineteen years, it is only recently that he has started appearing in notable roles for Prashant. When Basheer and trolls become hits, Prashant opens his mind to Mathrubhumi.com.

When we say that we do not feel like taking our hands off our faces, the planet says that we should not hold the faces of little children like that, but with love. But there is something about the characters that come to me that is a little bit of a beating. Rather than characters who do nothing good as an actor, I like characters who do something a little bad. Being noticed is the crucial thing for an actor. I’m been trying to be noticed as an actor for the last nineteen years. And the characters seem to give me one of the roles that have caught my attention. The first negative role is played in the fatherless house directed by Lal Jose Chettan. At that time Lalu Chettan said that you have a fraudulent look and you should make the most of this character. That’s when I realized it too. Not only the hand but also the look (laughs) .. Ordinary later in the negative role. Then the role of the politician in the action hero Biju.