A bus journey from India to London! 75 days; Roads in over 20 countries


if the bus to London from India. Suddenly it seems hard to believe. But such a journey is going to happen. The first bus from India to London will depart from Rishikesh. The bus journey will start in June 2021.

The first trip has a capacity of 20 people. The total distance covered by the bus is 21,000 km. The 75-day journey will pass through 20 countries.

India to London
India to London

The price is Rs 13.99 lakh per seat. In addition to luxury bus travel, this includes a return flight ticket from London to India, visa fees, two meals a day, hotel accommodation and local tours. This package does not include alcohol, GST or self-planned tours of each destination. Passengers should have a blank 10 page passport valid for 10 months from the date of travel.

Labhanshu Sharma, a gold medalist in wrestling, is preparing for this dream journey. Labhanshu, who is also an activist for world peace, has won gold at the Asian International Games and the Indo-Nepal International Wrestling Tournament.

Along with Labhanshu, his brother Vishal is also involved in this initiative. The two traveled by road from Dehradun to London in 2019, upholding the idea of ​​world peace.

This is the route to the bus

Week 1: to Rishikesh to Imphal
Week 2: Myanmar tutaryatra
Week 3: Laos from Myanmar-Thailand
Week 4: tutaryatra cengduvilekk China
5: danhuvanilekk China Week
Week 6: kasgarilekk China
Week 7: taskenrilekkum Kyrgyzstan, biskekkilekkum Uzbekistan,
week 8: Kazakhstani beynu, Russia Moscow, St. Petersburg and
week 9, Latvia, Poland, the Czech Republic Prague, Austria and
week 10 in Zurich, Switzerland, France, Paris, London, UK, and
week 11, Wales and Scotland.