A bride from Pakistan grooves on Lata Mangeshkar’s song


Since the split, diplomatic ties between India and Pakistan haven’t been the best, and there is still political tension between the two countries, but their shared cultural heritage is one area where they are united. Both sides of the border have long held each other’s music and art in the highest regard. Pakistani musicians have fascinated us with their songs in the past, including Nazia Hassan, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, and more recently Atif Aslam. Similarly to this, popular Indian musicians are hugely popular on the other side of the border. Borders are irrelevant to the legacy of the late, great vocalist Lata Mangeshkar, whose career started long before the division. A recent video that has gone viral shows that her songs are still played at weddings in Pakistan.

If you use social media frequently, it’s likely that you’ve seen the Pakistani woman named Ayesha’s viral video. The woman can be seen dancing in the video we’re talking about to a remixed version of the Lata Mangeshkar song Mera Dil Ye Pukare Aaja. In the now-viral video, Ayesha can be seen dancing while donning a flowy kurta and leggings. Several more women are watching the action with her on either side. She appears to be holding a kaleera, thus I assume she is the bride-to-be.

Look at the dance video beneath


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Ayesha posted the video on TikTok at first, and then she posted it on Instagram as well. She garnered fans in both Pakistan and India, according to the comments section. She received a lot of appreciation, and some people even amusingly proposed to her in the comments.