Padachone Ingalu Katholi Movie Review, Trailer

The movie opens with the well-known Kuthiravattam Pappu line, as the title implies.Padachone Ingalu Katholi starring Srinath Bhasi and directed by Bijit Bala is sure to draw Catholic viewers. The protagonist of the movie is Comrade Dinesan, who was raised in a party hamlet and fully believed in communist principles. He meets a female, which results in party activities and a teaching profession. The film is made in such a way as to appeal to the family audience, with an emphasis on humor and songs. The director has unquestionably been successful in using satire to establish both the message of the film and its plot.

The personality of Comrade Dinesan, who was a beloved villager born and raised, was secure under Srinath Bhasi’s care. Comrade Dinesen was distinct from the troubled young men and contemporary characters that Malayalis are accustomed to seeing in Bhasi’s works. Grace Antony’s portrayal of Comrade Indu is another noteworthy one. Through subtle gestures, Grace Antony has been able to amuse the audience. Renuka, his comrade’s girlfriend, Ann Sheetal did a fantastic job. As usual, Johnny Antony, Vigilesh, and Harish Kanaran stood out in their performance. The movie also stars Alencier, Dinesh Prabhakar, Nirmal Palazzi, and other actors. In the movie, Sunny Wayne also makes a guest appearance in the film.

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Padachone Ingalu Katholi Movie Trailer