5 students who appeared in the entrance exam turned out to be Corona positive, case filed against 600 parents

At least five out of more than 88,000 students appearing for the Kerala Engineering Architecture Medical (KEM) examination have been found infected with the coronavirus. This examination was recently conducted across the state. District officials said three students were found infected on July 21, while two were confirmed to be suffering from the coronavirus on Wednesday. 

The opposition is attacking the government for conducting the examination even after there are more cases of Kovid-19 in the state.

Case filed against 600 parents
According to the news agency ANI report, after the examination on July 16, a case has been registered against about 600 parents for gathering their children outside an examination center in the city. 

A police official told the language of the news agency, “A newspaper had printed a crowd after which a case was registered.” 

“A case has been registered for not accepting the Kovid-19 health protocol in a public place,” he said. 

Thiruvananthapuram MP Shashi Tharoor tweeted a photo of the crowd in front of an examination center, saying, “The crowd of students is mocking the social distance rule to enter the examination center for KEM 2020.” 

“The government wants to deal with Kovid -19, it is so can not be that stupid to insist on taking exams, despite appeals to postpone the examination of students (MP).” 

A student’s father cotton with her Hill went to school, he has also been found infected with the corona virus. 

On Tuesday, 720 new cases were reported in Kerala, taking the total to 13,994 cases.

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