“2 doses of vaccine are necessary, even by mistake …”: PM Modi said these 5 important things while starting vaccination

COVID-19 Vaccine: Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PM Narendra Modi) on Saturday launched the world’s largest coronavirus vaccine program (Coronavirus Vaccine Drive). While praising the people involved in the construction of the vaccine, Prime Minister Modi said that today the scientists, all those associated with the vaccine are entitled to praise, who had been involved in making the vaccine since the month. He saw neither day nor night. It usually takes years to make a vaccine, but in such a short time, two Made-in-India vaccines have been prepared.

Important information related to the case:

  • Modi said coronavirus vaccination great campaign said while introducing the medical and paramedical staff are the largest owner of vaccine. After this, vaccines will be given to people associated with essential services such as security forces, policemen, sweepers etc. Their number is three crore. The Indian government will bear the cost of their vaccine.
  • Trial runs and dry runs have been done in every corner of the country for the Corona vaccine. Co-Win was launched exclusively for the vaccine.
  • Two doses of corona vaccine are very important. Do not make the mistake of forgetting one after the other. Only 2-3 weeks after both doses of the vaccine, your body will develop the necessary power against the corona. During this time, do not forget to wear a mask and follow social distancing.
  • In India, 3 crore people are being vaccinated in the first phase of vaccination. In the second phase, it has to be raised to 30 crores. The population of only three countries is above 300 million. It includes India, America and China itself.
  • When both our scientists and experts were convinced about the safety and effectiveness of the Made in India vaccine, then they allowed its emergency use. These countrymen have to stay away from propaganda and rumors being spread about the vaccine.