150 delivery packets of Amazon came to the woman’s house without order and payment, know what happened then

Online shopping has become common in today’s time. Once we have ordered something, we count the days and wait for its delivery, but what if the delivery packets keep coming home for free without asking for anything? Anyone would be happy to get free stuff. But this free item came to a New York woman so many times that she got upset. In fact, delivery packets were arriving at the woman’s house every day from Amazon, one of the world’s famous online shopping companies, and she could not understand who sent them.

Many packages used to reach his house on a single day. Recently, these boxes used to pile up on the porch of his house and sometimes even in front of the door. In this way he got about 150 packets. At first he thought that his business partner must have sent these packets to his house. However, fed up with these packets arriving continuously, the woman also complained about it. On the complaint, Amazon officials said that the same address was given to them for delivery.

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The woman says that when she opened this box, thousands of silicone support frames and masks were found in it. These frames were sized for both adults and children. All this was of no use to the woman and here Amazon refused to take it back.

After the complaint, the delivery of these packets was stopped but the packets which had arrived were not taken back. In fact, the woman and her business partner run a DIY creative studio. In such a situation, he made a DIY mask from these silicone frames and donated it to local hospitals. Apart from this, he talked to Amazon and asked to donate the remaining orders to hospitals. However, till the end the woman could not find out who had given these orders to her address and why.