Yash and Radhika waiting for their second baby

Yash is a mainstream entertainer in Kannada Film Industry. The on-screen character wedded Radhika Pandit in 2016 and has a child young lady in 2018. Yash and Radhika discharged their little girl's image to fans on Akshayathriya Day. After the infant naming service, he discharged the uplifting news that he will have a child by him.

Hi everyone, I’m Arya (daughter’s name is Arya), you wouldn’t believe me if I told you what I was hearing. They say my daddy is high on speed. But is that so…? One minute. Is it too early? Or is it too late to inform? But I know you will all be happy. Yes, My parents are waiting for baby number two. Wait… does that mean I have to share my toys? It’s okay.