The tragic death of Women in Honeymoon Period

A recently marry British Indian lost his better half as she because of a strange sickness at an inn situated in Sri Lanka where they had been for their special night. The man, recognized as Khilan Chandaria was halted by Sri Lankan specialists from leaving the nation as they are intending to lead examination on the passing of his better half Usheila Patel.

The multi year old Khilan Chandaria is a versatile shop proprietor based out of London was not captured by the cops, however he was not allowed to leave the nation because of the examinations. Khilan and Usheila got hitched in London on April 19 and went to Sri Lanka for vacation following four days.

They stayed at the Amari five-star beach resort located in Galle in Sri Lanka. The couple had planned to travel next to  Maldives for the next phase of their  honeymoon trip.Reportedly the couple were feverish after consuming drinks in  the hotel. Though they were rushed to Karapitiya Hospital, Usheila was declared dead.As per post mortem reports, she had suffered from dehydration and food poisoning has been suspected.