Shriya Saran Latest Photos with her Husband!

Shriya Saran was one of the highest entertainers in the business sometime in the distant past. She was later never observed in numerous a motion pictures not to mention doing solid, lead jobs. She holds a couple of movies in her kitty however that is about it. What we adore about this 'Manam;' entertainer is that she is a gigantic internet based life darling and wants to draw in her fans with her staggering pictures. Notwithstanding, what Shriya never does is sharing her own (read: wedded) life on the equivalent.

Numerous fans and various writers amid different public interviews have asked her this, "To what extent have you been hitched and what does your significant other do?"

Shriya, however never talks about her personal life and dodges the question every time. It was once during the press conference of her Tollywood film ‘Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu’ when she was bombarded with the same. To put an end to it, she spoke out about why she never likes to discuss about marriage. She said, “My personal life is not for sale. I’m not going to talk about my marriage or reveal a thing about it. Please ask me about my films.”

But, fans kept pestering her as to why she never prefers posting pictures of her with her husband whenever she posts pictures from abroad. Today, busting all the myth, the ‘Sivaji’ actress posted some wonderful pictures as she went on a wonderful trip with her hubby