Shammi Thilakan opens about his father's love and care for Mohanlal.

We can say that Mohanlal Thilakan is the best father-son duo in the history of Malayalam cinema. Kireedam, Chengol, pavithram, Spadikam, Minnaram, narasimham, etc is the evidence of this. If they have a father-son relationship or they get together, it will be an exciting one for Malayalees.

Thilakan has said that Mohanlal has always loved him in Malayalam cinema and that he is like his own son. Shammi Thilakan, who is now a son and actor of Thilakan, was asked by a fan whether he ever envied his father's love for Mohanlal. In reply, he said: “I have felt. father promise. When I convinced him that I was filming Jilla movie location, I saw that his eyes were wet.”