Lucifer Second Part will soon: Prithviraj

Prithviraj's first directorial adventure Lucifer is very nearly achievement. The film has earned more than 200 crores is as yet going on in theaters. The film got an immense group of spectators notwithstanding when it was released on Amazon Prime. Whenever inquired as to whether the second part of Lucifer in Television debut will be on Asianet on June 23rd, Prithviraj answered. "Lucifer is a real story. This is just a little piece of it. Another choice is to part it into two sections. This is the phase to plan for a major spending plan. So the initial segment of the achievement was to know to take the choice of the second part readiness.

In the original story (in the second part) Zayed Masood(Prithviraj's Role) is not a small role, “says Prithviraj Sukumaran. Prithviraj’s words taken malayalies and fans are expecting the announcement of the second part soon. Prithviraj and Mohanlal will be seen in equal roles.