Lisaa Movie Review

In Lisaa, a young lady, the main Lisaa, played by Anjali, goes to meet her alienated grandparents, who are living in "western ghats". Indeed, that is the manner by which explicit the film is. She takes a companion, Jaggu (Sam Jones) alongside her – on the grounds that, why not? The grandparents (which incorporates a hammy Makrand Deshpande) act so strange, such as popping a stacked firearm into their mouth and playing Russian roulette, that any rational individual would quickly be anxious about being with such people. At that point there are the powerful occurances!

Yet, Lisaa is determined, for she needs to get her mom, their girl, wedded once more, and won't stop until these older folks give their endorsement. Typically, soon things turn life-threateningly genuine for her and Jaggu.

Lifting the reason of Manoj Night Shyamalan's The Visit, executive Raju Viswanath has thought of a loathsomeness spine chiller that comes up short on any feeling of state of mind gathering or speed. The scene segues are bumping and the awfulness components derivate and barely alarming. To exacerbate the situation, we get a power fitted message at last that stands out like a sore thumb. With cardboard characters and narrating that needs profundity, even 3D doesn't spare this film.