Kolaigaran opens with a homicide. A lady has her throat cut by an obscure individual and in the following scene, we see a man admitting to the wrongdoing. We later discover that this man is Prabhakaran (Vijay Antony, whose unconcerned face is splendidly fit to this job). The activity movements to a couple of days sooner. Karthikeyan (Arjun), a cop, is brought in to research the homicide of a unidentified male. He before long discovers that the unfortunate casualty is Vamsi, the relative of a clergyman in Andhra Pradesh. What's more, that he had been stalking Dharini (Ashima Narwal) and her mother. Karthikeyan suspects the mother and little girl, however Prabhakaran, who happens to be their neighbor, claims it is who has killed Vamsi.

Executive Andrew Louis has conceded that Kolaigaran is a free adjustment of the Japanese wrongdoing novel The Devotion Of Suspect X. As in the novel, the focal thought is about the effective concealment of a homicide by an astute man. This was additionally the subject in Jeetu Joseph's Papanasam (and the Malayalam unique Drishyam). Louis figures out how to think of a strong spine chiller taking this thought, and transforming the film into a clash of minds between a hounded cop and an astute man who may be more than what he seems, by all accounts, to be. While Papanasam was likewise a family dramatization and was driven by feelings, here, Louis plunges straight away into the examination. Which is the reason the couple of tunes that we get are huge state of mind executioners (however, they are hummable). What's more, not at all like Papanasam, where we realized who had carried out the wrongdoing, this film is additionally a whodunit.

The underlying segments set up the puzzle pleasantly and makes us uncertain of the inspirations of the primary characters. We are for the most part in Karthikeyan's shoes and stay baffled by their activities. Furthermore, Simon King utilizes his subject to incredible impact to keep up the frightfulness. In the second half, Louis gives us two situations of how the homicide could have occurred and keeps us speculating on which one of these could be the genuine one. Furthermore, when we find the solution, it feels genuinely persuading and this is the reason the film succeeds.