Kee Movie Review

The dangers of mechanical development and the various ways digital crooks work were depicted in Irumbu Thirai. The account of Kee, as well, rotates around a comparable thought, yet isn't successful as the previous, because of the absence of itemizing, unconvincing screenplay and incorporation of business components only for it.

Siddharth (Jiiva) is a programmer who is honored with a cheerful family life, which incorporate his dad (Rajendra Prasad) and mother (Suhasini). A startling occurrence which occur in his life drives him to another programmer (Govind Padmasoorya), who's a beast definitely. How the great triumphs over the malevolent structures the remainder of the story. There are a few PCs, cell phones and a large number of electronic gadgets which the enemy uses to control blameless individuals' lives. The way where genuinely frail individuals are being misused with the assistance of innovation has been passed on nicely, yet this is a subject which needn't have sentimental scenes with the typical charming champions and constrained comedies. The enthusiastic edge in a pivotal scene also crashes and burns and don't leave any effect.

The motion picture has a fascinating topic and similarly great hero and enemy tried by Jiiva and Govind Padmasoorya separately. Be that as it may, the legitimate escape clauses and absence of passionate network ruin it from turning into a drawing in spine chiller.