Is This Thug's Life? Unni Mukundan against people who praise the cannabis case

Ajmal, 24, a native of Kochi, was arrested by the police in a cannabis case in the last few days. Some scholars liken these words to Thug's life. Unni Mukundan has now come out against this. Unni Mukundan's response was on Facebook.

"I happened to see a so called, “glorified thug life” video on quite a few popular media pages, in which the guy found guilty of the possession of drugs, answers back to a question on how’s he gonna lead his life post this issue. His response really shook me and made me look into the issues we are facing real time… I don’t blame the guy for genuinely letting us know that he will resort to the same drug business because he has to take care of his family and pay the bills of his lawyer . But what really happened here is that the response has been glorified and it is one dirty thing we are doing as a society right now ….Why are we using social media to glorify mistakes … shouldn’t we make a system that helps this man to resort to a normal way of making a living for himself and his family ! What is so “thug” about it considering the fact, which we all know now, that the drug abuse has reached our door steps. Cases of kids using it in schools have been reported and we are so casually reading about in the newspaper ! What are we doing about it other than using popular media pages to glorify acts such as this…. I genuinely request to Please post inspiring stories that becomes a drug for young men and women …. Motivate them to chase their dream that works like a drug…since these pages and we in general use technology that reaches to people beyond our knowledge, can we then use it for the betterment of the society and not to glorify mistakes..
But what is happening now is totally disappointing..
Something, we as a society need to think and act upon asap.."