Do not worry about Lucifer movies. B. Iqbal

Prithviraj-Mohanlal is a member of the Planning Board who was criticized by Lucifer and former BBC Vice Chancellor Dr B. Biju. Iqbal. Iqbal says that Lucifer is a film that is totally intolerable and unhealthy. Lucifer is also searching for an obsolete theme that has repeatedly rendered in numerous movies. He added that the filmmakers do not see the change happening in Malayalam cinema.

Dr. B Read the note written by Iqbal, Lucifer had to sit at home in the Amazon Prime Video. How can you describe this movie as a terrorist blockbuster movie without a scare, hype or anxiety? Super Star Mohanlal and Prithviraj written and directed by muraligeapi the best actors in the main roles, Lucifer has already snatched 200 million, associated with the Mafia rastiyakkar, implementing the real hero of superhuman parivesamulla justice dustakathapatrannale picked up by shooting, a variety of images, including nude or semi-embarrassing Malayalam-recurring item stitvatte Ticc bills presented vilampittarunnat is outdated. From the fi rst to Kumbalangi Knights, the novel cinema wave has been wasted in Kerala for the past few years. Prithviraj, Murali Gopi, Mohanlal, Mohanlal, Lucifer, Vishwaroopam