Bhojpuri Gana: Akshara Singh sang this song for Pawan Singh, the hot chemistry seen in the 'Man with a roll'

Bhojpuri Hit Song of Pawan Singh: Pawan Singh, the star of Bhojpuri films, is sitting on the internet these days. In the films he plays, he touches the hearts of the audience with his acting.

Bhojpuri actress Akshra Singh Hot Dance Video:Pawan Singh, the star of Bhojpuri films, is currently on the internet. On one day, one song keeps on trending on YouTube. He is known as an actor who knows how to reach the heart of the audience through his films. Pawan Singh does not only perform amazing but also masters in the fun of singing.

In the films he performs, the audience touches the hearts of his act. Pawan Singh's singing skills are his talent, which Bhojpuri fancy loves very much. At the same time, Akshara Singh has a very strong fan following on social media which he likes them very much. He often posts his videos on his Instagram. These days, a Bhojpuri song of Pawan Singh and Akshara Singh is being hit. Here's the song of both of these ...

Akshara Singh and Pawan Singh's song "Kar Na Maard Roll" is a play. The song has given its voice to Priyanka Singh. More than six million times seen on YouTube, this song is about the heartbeat of the film. The lyrics have been written by Azad Singh and the music has been given by Madhukar Anand. This movie was released in 2017. The song is quite a hit and it is getting a lot of good comments.

Akhara Singh, a pair of Bhojpuri films, is very much liked with Pawan Singh. Apart from Akshara Singh actress, there is also a great singer. He started his career with Ravi Kishan's film Satmev Jayate. The duo of both stars were highly appreciated in this movie.