Asha Sarath says her husband is missing. Live Video goes viral!

A video of Asharat talking about her husband missing is now going viral on social media. In the video, Asha Sarath said, "It has been 45 days since her husband went missing. She is returning soon after going somewhere. Anyone with information should report to the Kattappana police station." The video quickly went viral on social media. At first the people were shocked by the news, but when the video was halfway through, people began to wonder.

In the video, she says her husband's name is Zachariah and that she is a tabla artist. The next sentence will arrive. The ‘where’ is to know. Bobby Sanjay's next film 'Where' is a promotional video after 'Heyre'. Social media has taken a different form of promotion. The film is written by KK Rajeev. Directed by KK Rajeev. The film features Noufal Shareef, cinematography and Ouseppachan.


#Evidey Promotion video

Gepostet von Asha sharath am Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2019