Actress Asha Sarath comes with an explanation

Actress Asha Sarath has clarified the controversy surrounding the controversial release of her new movie 'Evide'. Asha Sarat's Facebook video said that her husband, who is a tabalist, was nowhere to be found and that he was to be reported to the Kattappana police station.

The promotional video came out on the Facebook page of the movie. So the motive was clear. Asha Sarath said that Asha Sarath was a character but appeared in the film. The name of Zachariah is mentioned in the account of the disappearance of her husband. It is the collective decision of the director and the crew of the film.

Asha Sarath said the promotional video has been mentioned separately. I understand that some people had other concerns because of my love for them. Asha Sarat said if anyone is hurt, it is a worry. Lawyer Sreejith Perumana has lodged a complaint with the police.