A Kasargod man is an entrepreneur in UAE; Here is the Noufal Bin Aboobacker's Successful Story!

"I never afraid of failures!  There were times when I was failing consistently but I didn't give up giving up is no option when you are aim is to be successful. These are the things I've learned from my father is sacrificed a lot to give me more which was less for me but compared to others but. I never had a complaint about it. Whatever I am today is because of my parents they supported me more anyone in my life and made me the man I am today"- Noufal Bin Aboobacker

Noufal Bin Aboobacker from Kasargod, is a Supervisor in Abu Dhabi Royal Residence. He starts his job before 16 years. Now he is a entrepreneur.

He is a social worker in Kerala and Gulf Country. So he has been gotten several awards. In 2015, he gets a 'MAHATMA GANDHI CULTURE AWARD' from ex Kerala Chief ministerPanthalam Sudakaran. The occasion was held at the Abu Dhabi Medina Zayed Shopping Center Party Hall.

Noufal also a Animal lover. His social media account is full of his photo with different animals. Horses are the Noufal's Favorite.